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Saturday, December 10, 2016

JCPennys shopping... Clearence

Shopping Spree... $6.32 total... 3 dresses.
The shopping gods are with me<3 font="">

JCPennys Clearence- Stuido 1 Woven Lace Overlay Dress.
Me trying it on and to lazy to take my pants off... of corse need to wear a proper bra with it to.
(no link, besides the original photo from the site provided to original mostly cause the site dosnt have it to sell anymore)
JCPennys R&K Lace Sheath Aqua.
(Same issue of no link, besides the photo to provide since the site no longer has it)
I also don't have a pict of me in it... I tryed this one on last and then was so excited I forgot to take a pict, I was just ready to get dressed and check out.
Cant even find this ones original pict from online but it is also from JCPennys, I think it goes great with my hair, infact a purple belt that matched my hair would really make this outfit pop even more.

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