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You can call me Jackie or TigeressKitten. 

Please include a heading to any email with the reason your contacting me or that you are contacting me for my blog. This way your email doesn't end up deleted on the assumption its junk mail.
If you have a site and/or blog you think might fit with what I'm doing on my blog and would like to post a button/link on my blog then contact me and provide me with a image (or link to an image) and the link to the site in question so I can make/link together a button, either that or provide me with a button code for your site and I will add it (if I feel it fits correctly with what my blog is trying to convey).

As of rite now I do not have a PO box address to post on here, If I ever get this blog updated on a regular basis to attract more people, get my etsy shop running and/or have reason to get an PO box then it will be listed here.

The facebook page listed in my "follow me with" links is my blog facebook page I recently attained. Feel free to like my page, the more people who follow the more likely I am to fix/update it along with the blog. As is I'm already getting an idea of how much work posting just update status on multiple forums is. Sometimes I think I'm crazy for doing all this LOL!

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