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The Curvy Kitten's doodads, frills, and frippery
In Testing... contact me if you want to buy (its cost of item + $5.20 flat rate shipping, once I post on Etsy cost of item might rise to cover cost of fees associated with selling).

Later I will have a etsy page to buy directly from that will link to my pictures for now the links are set for my Deviant Art page, you can check that out if you want... I have a lot of nature photos and you can see some of (not all) of my old pieces that are already given away or sold. Also if you want to know what the items are made of click the link to the deviant art posting of the item... more detailed descriptions will be on their for now. Most pieces are unique and can't be redone since they have a mix of new and recycled items. Future projects include a clutch purse, more bottle cap earrings, and a possible checkers set, and some jewelry sets based on some of my nature pictures.

Its Hard Being Green, Frog Set (for sale) 

Multiple Vision Neclace @ Deviant Art

Symbol VS Endless String Earring @ Deviant Art

Chained Drifting Circles @ Deviant Art

Violet Love Pendant @ Deviant Art

Not Made by me but for sale anyways...

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