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I am a BBW (BBW- big beautiful woman). I need to lose weight for health reasons, I'm working on it. I happen to think I'm beautiful from the inside out and many other women out their should feel the same way, size is not important all it is, is a number on a tag! Its how you feel about yourself and about quality of life (got health problems related to weight, then try to lose weight like I need to. Your considered plus size because the fashion industry has a thing for skinny but your actually healthy? Then "You GO Girl!") that's the important thing. As far as who I am beyond just my physical appearance?

I have a lot of different interest (including playing sims 2&3 on the pc and dance games on the wii) and a fun, happy, and easy to git along with type of personality. I love to shop, have a thing for fashion, and like to dress up for no other reason but to dress up. I am polite and like to treat others well but despite my good girl manners I find I have a bad girls dirty mind. My friends claim they corrupted me and created a dirty minded monster but I claim it was the romance novels. I love to read books and have a large collection of romances, erotica's, and science fiction.  I would love to work in the fashion industry one day since its been my dream since childhood but I might decide to open up my own business because I like the thought of owning my own clothing store or bookstore and theirs also another career line I think would be interesting... Art therapy. Other than that I'm just an average girl... Who just happens to be plus size and hot LOL!

 My favorite designers are Betsey Johnson, Zac Posen, and Kimora Lee Simmons.

Stores I shop at regularly are Torrid, H&M (for whatever that fits that is affordable and cool... mostly tops and dresses), Old Navy (for jeans and basics), Frederick's Of Hollywood, and JCPennys (mostly to find out if theirs anything good that fits me in the Bisou Bisou line). I also shop Walmart but that's mostly for cheep graphic T-shirts and tank tops that can be dressed up easily.

Favorite makeup- Urban Decay

Favorite hair colors- Manic Panic Ultra Violet Amp and L'Oreal Paris Feria B61 Downtown Brown.

Other hair colors I like/use- L'Oreal Paris Feria R37 Blowout Burgundy and L'Oreal Paris Feria 36 Chocolate Cherry.

If I had to descibe my style I would call it something like...
If modern pop/hiphop had a child with punk/alternative and that child loved bold colors, detail work (beads/studs/lace/embroidery), slight nod to vintage while keeping it modern, and fun accessorys (hats shoes & jewelry with interesting themes or details).
Kinda like Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry, Pink, and Beyonce merging into one person LOL!

Kinda scary huh?
But style wise it can be fun, it just requires some thought process so I don't look like a fool.

Although I'm sure theirs plenty of people who think I'm a fool anyways.

The Curvy Kitten Blog?

Just kidding LOL!

Actually what started out as a list saved in a word file of plus size clothing sites to send to my friends who might be in need of lager size options turned into this, a fashion and lifestyle blog for women like me and my friends who are curvy and full of life. I will be talking about anything from plus size clothing and lingerie to the day to day wondering of a plus size gal on the go, the ups and downs of dieting and exercise for health reasons (not just weight loss for the sake of fitting in socially or clothing wise) or the day to day battle for self acceptance of ones own body image and how that can effect your day to day life and your sex appeal. I also realize that life revolves around more than just fashion and trying to get healthy so I will be writing post or asking friends to guest blog for other things as well such as art/crafting, photography (fashion style, nature, whatever comes up), and other topics that might be of interest.

While I acknowledge that this is primarily a blog about being full figured I also want to cover other things as well since theirs only so much you can say about being overweight, trying to overcome peoples perceptions of over weight individuals, and trying to lose weight for health without sounding like weight rules your life... so lets just call this a curve friendly blog about well... my life and the things that interest me.

Any of my friends who have a topic concerning fashion, being a plus size, arts/crafts, or anything about being a woman or being creative can submit their article to me (check contact page for contact info). I can't promise I will post it but I will promise I will read it with an open mind and consider it. Rejected items will probably only be ones I think don't fit my blog and its style or doesn't reflect my views in any way (since it is my blog and anything I post even if its someone else's writing reflects on me). If I do post the blog entry I will need at lease a face pict of the post author along with any pictures (non copyrighted... easiest way to do that is take a pict of what you want yourself and let me use the pict) the author wants added (or at lease a request for type of picture wanted since I have a camera available for my use and could take one for the article).

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