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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

OOTD 9/5/2011

Was dismayed the other day when I realized one of my favorite tank tops (the zebra striped one) had a hole in it. The boyfriend let me take his card to get a new tank top at walmart for $3 and something matching to go with it for $20. I ended up going to the new Rainbow at the mall for my $20 find. I have to admit I'm impressed. A LOT cleaner, more organized (although still cramped in spots), and better quality than I have seen at another Rainbow. I liked it! I hope this means Rainbow is going to be a better cheep investment for me wardrobe wise. I like to mix things up and its hard to do that on a budget. I have like 2 things from the other (not as nice) rainbow sitting in a drawer waiting for me to get out my sewing kit to fix because the material is flimsy/cheap. My new item from Rainbow has no loose threads and no sticking or flimsy zippers and is actually lined/has structure... I'm amazed! I'm in love with it to be honest (especially since this will probably come the closest to the look I wanted but missed out on in the Frederick's of Hollywood white leather/lace jacket... dang fate for not allowing me a job/money before they sold out!). Ive only had the white ruffle vest two days and Ive worn it twice... as in all day yesterday and all day today. It covers a lot compared to most vest though... I would call it a shrug/crop/jacket like my short puff sleeve jackets but its sleeveless... it is a bit cropped though. Yesterday I wore it with my new black and white stripe tank top form walmart and my black lace a line skirt from dots. Today I'm wearing it with my tan/skin colored tank top from H&M, my dark wash blue jean skirt from Sears, and accessorizing with my wonder woman black leather cuff, my silver stud belt with the handcuff buckle and my pink feather earrings.

I also think that the vest would look awesome with my aqua color maxi dress from H&M or with my cream color dream corset from Frederick's of Hollywood (The fake leather on the vest is slightly off white making it easy to pair either with white or cream without a harsh difference in shading).

They have a more classic vest type in white fake leather to, I was debating getting it since it looked good on me to but I knew I would regret buying it if this one sold out first so got this one first and might get the other if I manage to get a job before it sells out.
I love the look of the white since its fl and its hot here most the time. 
And it being a fake leather its perfect for when our weather turns slightly cool during winter or for when it rains and I don't want to pile on a rain jacket (fake leather is awesome for rainy days, no worrys bout water ruining it).

Don't have picts yet of today's outfit, just a close up of my face... but will see if I can get the boyfriend to take a full body pict for me later in the day.

Is it just me or did my cell phone camera focus more on my chest? LOL! My face is all blurred!

Thats Better... you can see my face now! Ignore the hair, what started as cute curls turned into a 80s frizz ball! LOL!

Close up of the makeup... my usual light gold eyeshadow (I use it cause it blends well with my skin but gives a nice highlight effect, its better on my skin than white for highlighting. And a pinkish red lipstick to go with my pink feather earrings).


  1. Thanks! I'm obsessed with the vest now... seriously, I find I want to wear it with EVERYTHING! LOL!!!


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