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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Say It With A T

Say It With A T

Say It With A T by tigeresskitten69

 Basically just dressing up t-shirts that have sayings/quotes on them. Mostly A line skirts with them, I think A lines are better for with T shirts cause it gives you a waist line but it can be done with pencil skirts to (although me being plus size it means planning out proper shape wear or finding the right belt to give shape). The middle outfit comes in plus size. The other ones are regular size but can be easily redone in plus size. The sexy and I know it shirt actually is from walmart (unripped/cut) but the link provided is for a ripped/cut version.

I currently own/bought the "Sexy & I Know It" shirt (non cut/ripped strait from the store though), have a black a line skirt, plus I own the silver sparkle oxfords so I might actually wear a version of that outfit soon (so you might want to check back for an update with a photo of me in it).

Maison scotch
$96 -

Shredded shirt

Plus size shirt

$64 -

Red stocking

Foot traffic socks

Wet seal shoes

Talullah Tu chain drop earrings
$26 -

ASOS tie belt

Miss Selfridge grey scarve

Wool hat

Beaded hair accessory



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