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Sunday, November 25, 2012

So many ways...

Their are many ways to change things up in your wardrobe revoving around just a couple key items.

(Clothing examples mix of regular sizes and plus sizes. The H&M sweater and T shirt dress fit me in the largest size available but look different in person/on me. Not sure if theirs a gold jacket in plus size but something like that can be made if you find the right person to do it.)


Same sweater...

Violet Is The Day

Violet Is The Day by tigeresskitten69 Just doing your thing.

Teal Golden Day

Teal Golden Day by tigeresskitten69 Evening with the family or Casual work (its the same sweater its just the other color that available that I like and would go good in my wardrobe. this could easily be done in the purple color I used in the other examples as well).

Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet by tigeresskitten69 Date Night Out!

Same dress...

Sparkle Bright

Sparkle Bright by tigeresskitten69 Out at the club looking sexy!

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