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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Purple Kitty

Purple Kitty

Purple Kitty by tigeresskitten69 This is something similar to what I am wearing today (accessorys are a bit different since I got to work with what I got).

Plus skirt

Office high heels
$64 -

Leather bag

Karl lagerfeld
$92 -

Miso hoop earrings
$4.82 -

Purple savanna zebra mini dress with Silver Rings originally from
I have had it for quite a while so it's no longer available.

At the end of the day so I have  my hair braided out of the way and my makeup is gone... sorry, I should put more effort into getting a pict while I'm still completely decked out but I was preoccupied by the errand I had to run and forgot about picts until last min (basically just now). Please excuse the mess in the background... folding clothing.

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