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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Ok, haven't been on in forever. Mostly because I lost access to my account and was to lazy to wade though all the hoops you have to go through to recover it since I had another account for personal use. Anyways. My style has change slightly but I'm still wacky old me so look forward to some interesting. My posting will still be sporadic... I have a job and wearing an uniform daily is not conductive to having style on a daily basis. Some people might be able to pull it off but I doubt you all are interested in me covered in glitter or mulch... yes, interesting mix huh. Those of you who know me would know why/what my job is, others... you might be able to guess but since I hate having my blog be linked to directly to work I'm not going to say what my job is or where I work. Their might be changes in the looks or format of the blog in the near future since I need to update things a bit.

Anyways, to hold you over here are some picts of me in the last few years since my last post was 2014!!!! In no order of any kind... me in the last few years, mostly selfies and me playing with photo apps on my phone.

Surprise! Wedding dress shopping. I have a future hubby! <3 td="">

Tattoos have been added to my body...

Wonder Woman Tattoo done at Miss Heidi's

Orlando Pride Tattoo (cause I'm bisexual and it was a tattoo that donated to victims of the Pulse Shooting) done at Miss Heidi's.


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