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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Valentines Lingerie

I was looking though my list of lingerie sites and while I found some items from my own workplace that I love and will probably get I still was not completely satisfied... their was something missing!

I love my boyfriend dearly and I wanted to do something different. I wanted to wear something I never worn before for him or anyone else, especially since our anniversery is just before valentines. I want to serve myself up for him on a platter...

Well I found the perfect solution.

Love Bound Sash

I'm thinking what better than to wrap myself in a bow for him so he can do whatever he wants with me?

Corse I'm a hopeless romantic and hope he takes "advantage" of me *wink wink* but if he wants he can just untie the "gift" and he can have his gift do what he wants for the rest of the evening LOL. I'm shure having me do whatever he wishes would be a treat considering how cat like my personality can be (hey, at lease I'm willing to admit that like a cat I call my own tune and expect everyone else to go along with it).

Anyways, not shure if I can afford much this year or even if I can manage to buy it before shipping gets backed up and items start back ordered but here is to wishing for the best.

And for all you sex kittens out their like me who want to look hot for your honey... just take a look around. Their are lots of sites like Fredericks of Hollywood and Hips & Curves who either have plus size sections or cater to plus sizes in their lingerie.

Have fun out their and in case I'm not back before Valentines you all have a happy Valentines. Yes, even you single girls go out and have a fun sexy night.

And Shhhhhh! Don't tell my boyfriend *giggles*.

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