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Friday, January 22, 2010

The crazyness that is trying to shop with a part time paycheck...

Ok, I admit it... I'm poor and half the time the things I plan to buy I end up not getting. Even things I need.

Like the other day I realized I would need a swimming suit for my friends visit if we are going to the beach plus I been planning on getting a strapless bra for another friends wedding since my dress is strapless. Thankfully my friends wedding gift is already bought along with my other friends b-day gift but this leaves me with a hard choice. I have enough money to get one or the other item but not both and not anything else with it. So I opted out on getting them. Dispite having found a swimming suit that was reasonably priced if I ignore the "young" print ( Teen Plus One Piece Twist Front Bandeau Swimsuit ). Why did I opt out? Cause everthing is happening next weekend or right before/on valentines and I have 2 small checks (counting the one I just got) for both weeks of items and it just didn't feel right to spend a whole check on one item (even one I can explain away as needed) when i can get several other cheeper (but mabey not as needed) things with the check instead. So the BRA6 is going to waite for last second and the swimming suit (maybe in a solid color instead  or a diffrent cut/style) will be purchased later for future need but I will not have it for my friends visit.

Thats life *shrugs*. At lease I will be able to make some valentines purchases dispite not being able to get the "gift" I refered to in the last blog about valentines gifts. Thank gaud I  work at a lingerie store or I wouldn't be able to afford valentines either

(Later note- bought the outfit from my work... nice red lace teddy in XL, thigh high black leg warmers with hearts, and a black choker with a red heart thats in the pict above.  Might get a couple more items and an actual gift later with my next paycheck)

So lets hope this plus size fashion addict finds a way to bring some more money in without ruining her current job that she loves... cause theirs so many needs in life and so many want to items that just add fun to a persons life out their.

For those of you with some extra cash at hand (unlike me) you might be intrested in seeing the new swimming suits from  MonifC. My personal favs are EspaƱa in red (basically a red one peice swimsuite with a lovely one shoulder ruffle) and the St. Tropez in fuchsia (a beautiful fuchia one peice with long fringe that lends it a fun but still sexy look).

Oh, and compleatly diffrent thing but I thought it was intresting that you all might want to take a look at... IGIGI has a shape calculator to help you figure out what shape you are and what styles fit you best. I really like how well it works (I'm an Oval). My Shape also has a shape calculator that goes by measurements (you have to measure your whole body, if you dont like numbers it can be a scary thing... oh, and I recomend having a friend help for more accurate measurements). Im an E witch is simular to an Oval shape answer I got on IGIGI so I guess my measurments where accurate.

Also Always For Me (where I found the swim suites and is also the site I just added to my list) also carries the "As Seen on The Biggest Loser" ENELL Sports Bra in up to size 52DD. So check it out.

PS- (weeks, Ok more like months later) Me at my friends wedding. Sorry for the cropped pict and the quality of the pict, I didnt know it was on sports setting plus with the wind blowing my hair got messy also i didnt want to show her part of the pict without her approval so I figured it was easyer just to crop it.

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