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Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Wardrobe Cleaning...

Spring is here and for many of us its time to brighten up our look in an effort to drag ourselfs out of the winter blues... Now I know your about to say "But your in FL, its warm their! You should be out of the winter blues already!" I know, but we had a few cold days and now I'm here looking at my wardrobe thinking "Between my work clothing (all black) and the age of some of my clothing I really need somethings to brighten my wardrobe! Plus it would be nice to have more than just one pair of jean shorts to wear LOL" Unfortunalty Im strapped for cash right now, so dispite my great finds I wont be able to buy this week. But hopefully once things are caught up I will be able to at lease get a few items. Till then, this might help you all out.

One of my new finds is Wet Seal, its more of a older teen/20's clothing store but I do like their tops and was amazed to find out they have plus sizes online. I actually bought my new purse their for a bit under $20.

Newish Purse from Wet Seal

(a nessasary purchase since my old purse was falling apart)

I know what your thinking, that store has been around... why haven't you seid anything about it till now? Cause I always walked buy and saw the sign saying up to XL and assumed it was one of those stores where the XL will be like a Large cause mostly teens shop their. But their styles are really focused more twards older teens and 20 somethings and can easly be worn by someone my age so long as you avoid things that are obviously "to young" and mix the trendy stuff from their with good basics. One of my current favorites from that site is their Ruffle Trim Jacket, a great item to wear during cooler nights up north when your wearing your lighter weight spring clothing. I would probably wear the white one of  it over this Peacock Print Maxi Dress with sandals or heals.

Lately I been in a bit of a dress obsession. I been needing pants but seeing beautiful dresses around every corner. One of my recent favorites is Kiyonna's Zoe Love Dress because although its coloring isnt spring like it is a very modern fun piece that would be a great update for any womans closet.  Baby Phat's Jungle Romance Wrap Front Dress is perfect for a girls inner jungle kitty to come out to play in a fun but still stylish way while their  Heart Print Necklace Trim Dress is both girly and bold at the same time. Alight's Orange County Dress makes me dream of picknic in a lovely garden under a shade tree while their Watercolor Wash Dress makes me think of a modern version of a pin up girl wearing a wide brim sun hat and sunglasses driving round the coast. And last but not lease, Dots has some dresses (plus size and misses sizes) that are modern, fun, and affordable... a couple of witch I might end up adding to my own wardrobe.

Anyways, thats it for now... got to go before my dress obsession causes me to drool over the keyboard and cause a short or zap me LOL

Talk to you all later.

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