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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Undergarments- "Bras" they are not as evil as you think!

Tryed to keep the Pict tasteful but still me. Hope you all don't mind :D

Now as some of you might know I work in the lingerie/bra industry (wont say where since I also write about other stores but some of you know already and its not to hard to figure out where since I mention it all the time and its the place I actually buy from most often) and one of the subjects that always come up is undergarments like finding a good fitting bra.

Now bras can be the bane of any woman's existence. If it fits to lose the girls  hang and you can end up with problems with your shoulders and back hurting while if the fit is to tight you can have anything from muffin top style overflow to bruising from under wires and then theirs style and color issues. Well worry not girls... what most women don't realize is not only are they wearing the wrong size but their insisting on not trying on the bras and not trying on different sizes or even ignoring knowledgeable bra specialist can be whats preventing them from finding the perfect bra. Here is a clue girls, not only are people made different but bras are to. So just cause it came from the same manufacture doesn't meen anything. Styles get revamped and "altered" according to sales numbers and customer feedback, Different stores might carry similar styles but their made by different manufactures and their sizing might be different. One places idea of what a D cup is could be completely different from another place, just a fraction of a size or a slightly different shaped cup could make the difference between a awesome fit and a not that great fit. And I know what your thinking... your thinking "But Kitten! I'm a weird shape! I'm one size bigger on one side!" or " I'm like a big band size but small cup!" or "I has big huge girls!". Not to worry, theirs different places that cater to different issues plus theirs various styles and "extra" goodies that help with those kinds of issues, your not weird and your not a freak... believe me, everyone has an issue and most issues are ones shared by the majority of women from one side of the spectrum to another.  My best advice when it comes to bra shopping? Go to a store that has knowledgeable sales people aka fitting/bra specialist. If you find a place that dose their measuring the rite way (as in they measure you and come somewhat close to your size and they actually only use the number as a guide from where to start with instead of hailing it as the bra bible) and if you are willing to actually try things on (no you cant just go by the size they measure you at, measurements are a guess at size not the end all be all of fitting if they say differently then their lying or they don't know what their doing... trying on and talking or showing the specialist is the best way to figure out fit and what style/size would be best) then keep going to that store! Its like having a person who dose your hair or having a certain person you go to for your massage, you want to keep the relationship going cause that person will know what you prefer in a bra and how various styles fit you. Yeah, sure you don't have to get the same bras at the same place all the time but having a "I know I can count on you" type place is the idea for when you want to stock up or when you have a certain idea of what you need cause then you don't have to groan about what a trial bra shopping is. In fact you might just find that after finding the right place to shop that bra shopping might even be *gasp* FUN! LOL

To give you some idea of how a bra should fit you  is BRAVISSIMO's Perfect Fit Guide

Now as far as fit and style go here are my faves (just remember it might not fit you the same, everyone is different)-

The Corset Bra (Frederick's Of Hollywood) has a good shape that holds the girls up an looks far more sexy on than it dose hanging on the rack in the store. Comes in some great colors that makes a girl proud to show off her bra.

Va Va Voom (Frederick's Of Hollywood) some people think its old style in look because of the seaming on the hanger but believe me its modern satin love on in real life and the seams just disappear from the eyesight and feel their so small/thin. Fits like a dream, has comfortable straps, a satin finish that makes it smoothly blend under your clothing, and the girls will be comfortably hoisted to where they need to be.

Extream (Frederick's Of Hollywood) if it comes in your size its supper sexy has awesome lift and if it doesn't come in your size it might be passable to wear a bra extender with it (that's how I wear mine).

BRA6 (Lane Bryant) I haven't tried this one on but I have tryed their other strapless bra and it is fits great. This one looks like it would be a better style though to go under different tops/dresses. (For our non plus size gals the Natural Solutions Convertable bra from Frederick's Of Hollywood is the way to go).

Pleated bandeau bra (Lane Bryant) Sexy and cute all in one, not great for under clothing but great lingerie piece.

Ruffle Shelf Bra (Hips&Curves) Another naughty fun bra that isn't great for everyday but is awesome lingerie.

Four Way Bra (Hips&Curves)

Butterfly Plunge Bra (AshleyStewart) A great basic that smooths the sides but it has a double back strap so if you don't like messing with more than 3 hooks it might not be the best.

ENELL Sports Bra (AlwaysForMe) Best sports bra for big girls I have found yet. I'm going to get it when I have the spare cash.

Extra tip- Check out my list, I updated it with some bra sites and included with the name of the site is what sizes they carry and sometimes even where they are from (in case they only ship within their own area or in case their sizing is different) ... UK sizes are similar to US except the cups go DD to E instead of from DD to DDD or F like we do. Other country's sizes might be very different so always consult the sites size chart/converter.

More on undergarments like "shape wear" next time... for now this kitten is going to curl up and take a cat nap.

A few months later-

Found this new one that would be handy for low plunging tops and dresses Lane Bryant Extreme Plunge Bra  Or Hips & Curves Deep U Plunge Bra witch to be honest both look a lot like a plus size version of Frederick's Of Hollywood U-Plunge Bra or their New U-Push Plunge Bra.

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