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Friday, April 23, 2010

Power to the Shopper.

Oh I know, your probably going to be like "Yeah, right... Power to the shopper? More like power to the fashion industry that screws us big girls over!" but the truth of it is that us, yes You and Me the everyday woman holds the power when it comes to what the fashion industry. How you say? When all they do is make things for skinny chicks instead of us curvy kittens? Think of it this way...

Your at a party full of skinny chicks flocking around the hot guy. You and your curvy friends are just as sexy despite the differences between you and the skinny chicks. But the skinny chicks have the guys attention.

That's normal you say? You say the skinny chicks always get the guy? You say why bother and he must be donkeys behind for not noticing you sitting their?

News flash! With you and your curvy chicks just sitting back your not taking part in the action. Heck, he might be an equal opportunity type guy. He might like all shapes and sizes. But YOU aren't giving him the chance! You have made it clear with your sitting back and not trying to get his attention that you are not interested! Yes playing hard to get is nice now and then but hows the guy supposed to know what you want if you don't show at lease a little bit of interest?

Well that's just what you the consumer are doing to the fashion industry. Yeah, theirs some places that are size snobs but theirs plenty of other places that would carry our sizes if we showed interest, told them what we want from them, and showed them our commitment to their style by buying when the do present our size to us.

So don't be the fashion equivalent of a wall flower... step out, take a chance, write to them, talk to their sales people about how you would wear their stuff if they carried your size, start a petition! Tell them what you want, what size you want, and what price you consider reasonable (and understand that quality material dose up the cost when you up the size), and actually buy it if they start providing it... not only that but make a point of showing support to the companies that do carry your size in styles you love!

Its sad as a sales person to hear complaints about this or that style or size being gone when its the public's refusal to buy full price when they have the chance that caused the decision to end a line. You as the customer have the power... Use it!

Power to the Bold & Sexy Curvy Kitten Type of Consumer!

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