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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tryed on some stuff today...

Had a day off so I had a bit of a shopping trip today. Mostly just trying some things on since I don't get paid till Friday.

Hit both Torrid and Madrag.

I know, quality is cheep at Madrag but one has to do what one has to do on a part time pay check and you never know when you will find a jewel in the midst of it all... plus my trend wear doesn't have to last long unless I'm Obsessively in love with the trend and they do have some good trendy clothing for cheep.

The shorts are from Madrag... Love the fit despite the pleats (I usually don't like any kind of pleat on a pant) and the tie belt is fun.

The Purple Lace Tiered Tube Dress, Blue Jean Racer Back Vest and Pink and Blue Plaid Smocked Babydoll Top, Hot-Pink Sequined Burst Cropped Cardigan are all stuff I tryed on at Torrid

 I'm in love with the jean vest and the babydoll, I think I will actually get them if I have the spare cash come payday. The babydoll is almost long enough to be a mini dress on me so I either have to wear Capri or pants with them or just wear short shorts and make like a dress LOL.

...I also tryed on Black Button-Tab Cap-Sleeve Sateen Jacket and Black Mesh-Sleeve Top I think they would be great for my work wardrobe (I have to wear all black) so I might come back for them eventually but I have enough black to last me right now so it might end up a "what do I need for now?" moment. *sigh* this is when I wish I could win the lotto or make more money... but I love my job despite my lack of wardrobe shopping cash.

This I tryed on at Madrag... My mind keeps thinking classic 50's style caddy in pink and white when I look at this but then that might just be me. It actually looked good on though despite the foam modesty cup on the inside of the tops boobs, I hate those things and usually cut them out since they never look/lay right... not going to get it though cause I will keep thinking boobs = caddy bumper and I will laugh my rear off before I take myself seriously enough to figure out something that makes this top part of a win outfit.

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