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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Current Obessions.

My current Obsessions right now are...

The bold biffi tunic found at MXM  and  bold biffi halter top at MXM because I love purple (as you will probably soon notice) and I love how bold but modern the style is.

Another obsession of mine is IGIGI's  Maui Sunrise Tunic, its so fun, bold, and because it can be used in so many ways it becomes a 4 for one top basically. I wish I had more money because I'm totally in love with IGIGI's Aphrodite Gown in Sea Breeze. I think it would be the perfect dress on me and I have only fallen in love with one other dress ever this way. It was a Robbie Bee lattice trim maxi dress I tyred on at a store in the mall close to home, I never got the chance to get it cause I didn't have money and it was even on sale and everything. My boyfriend took pity on me and try ed to get it when he got paid but by that time it was sold out of my size. So it kinda really bumbs me out to know that I probably wont ever be able to get the Aphrodite Gown either. Maybe I should look into a second job?...

*thinks it over* Nope, I have enough on my plate trying to do good at my one part time job and I don't want anything to get in the way of it since I really like the company I work for right now. Anyways, back to my pie in the sky dream shopping...

Anna Scholz always impresses me, in fact if I won the lotto I would probably buy 90% of the clothing on the site. As it is if I have to play favorites I would probably pick Crochet Back Strap Top because of the detail on the back, Cotton Sateen Tiger Hem Dress cause I'm Tigeress Kitten and am obsessed with tigers, the Silk Dupion Frill Coat cause every woman should have that one unforgettable coat that's not so basic in style.And any of the desses are a win cause their all beautiful, eye popping, and flattering.

Another place I been obsessing over is asos curve. I'm in love with their style and I would buy 90% of the store out if possible LOL. I really want the One Shoulder Organza Dress because it makes a statement and is different than anything I have in my closet.

Babyphat can do no wrong in my mind, I loves me some  Kimora Lee Simmons and no... its not just cause shes originally from St. Louis witch is an hour drive from where I lived as a teen. I love that she realizes that its not just the skinny girls that want to be fabulous and dress in modern hip hop style. I myself have a tendency to mix styles but hip hop is one of my go to styles for when I want to look hot but have fun. I'm currently in love with her Sexy Romper Capri and also the Ruffle Sleeve Cuffed Romper. Its very rare for anyone to make a plus size romper that actually looks good but these ones would be supper hot on a girl with curves.

I had a wish list of Carmakoma sales items but I'm not telling cause I have the worst luck and I don't want you all to buy it before me LOL!

Anyways... that's my current faves just up to the first c item in my list of sites. I still have a dozen other faves to list but I will save that for another day... I have probably over done it and made you think I'm out of my mind with my shopping obsession.

Next Day- I ordered my Zebra Halter Dress from Wet Seal! I cant waite for it to get here. As a size 20 I was suppost to order a 2X but I got 3X cause my boobs are huge LOL. Lets hope it fits right *crosses fingers and toes*

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