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Friday, May 21, 2010

Dragonfly day...

Nothing about fashion outfits in this one. Just wanted to share another pict from my boyfriends garden. As I went outside to try to at lease take another nice outdoor face shot if trying to find out what button was the timed pict snap didn't work (witch it didn't, I don't know how to do it and my boyfriend isn't sure it's working) I ended up finding a dragonfly flying around. I followed it till it landed and let me get close to it and this is the shot I got.

Awesome huh?

So ok, maybe some fashion in this one.

This is to all the little things in life like flowers, dragonflies, butterflies, and bugs... heck, lets throw some feathers in their to.

Some of my accessory...

Pink butterfly from H&M. Little hair clips with flower print, tiny plastic butterflies for hair, and also tiny ladybugs for hair at walmart (background is actually my phone book I got at walmart... I didn't realize I had a white piece of paper I could use as background till after I took the pict LOL). Black headband with multi small flowers from H&M. Rose earrings from Sol. Black feather hair clip from H&M. Gold feather rose clip from Sol. Beaded butterfly hair clip... to be honest I don't remember the name, my boyfriend got it for me sometime last year when we went to someones wedding. My hair kept getting in the way and it was in between the wedding itself and the  party so we walked around some little art shops near by and I begged for this for my hair. This was when my hair was longer and the heat was killing me LOL.

Also while I am at it... might as well tell you about my current want.

I may end up not shopping as much right now cause I have to save money. We have some issues with vehicles (I don't have one and the housemate that's been letting me use his might sell his and might a the lease kill the insurance and hand over the van to me, but I don't think I can afford the upkeep to long as far as insurance payments go). So I might end up with no ride for work. So.... what I really need to do right now is save up for one of these->  50cc 4 Stroke Znen Moped Euro Gas Motor Scooters (in either purple or pink) so that way I can have a cheep vehicle that is low on gas and doesn't need insurance (so long as you wear a helmet) and has no special licence issues (so long as I have a drivers licence witch I do and so long as its 50cc or lower witch it is. If its over 50cc I have to have a motorcycle licence). Good news is that I have enough stuff to do some outfits for you and I can always still window shop, try on stuff in stores and post picts, update you all on my observations as far as fashion go, and still give out free advice. So its all good despite what will ultimately end up being me throwing little hissy fits over this or that thing I need that I cant get cause I'm "saving" money.

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