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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My new stuff...

Just a bit of a sneak peek at some of my new items I got on sale. Yellow jacket from rainbow and skirt from dots. Got both on clearance, the skirt was like $7 or something and the jacket was under $20 I couldn't pass it up since the skirt would be great for work and the jacket while cheep looks decent and is basically water proof... cheep pleather??? and I don't have an actual casual jacket yet to wear when its raining cats and dogs down here in FL.

Going to do a post on corsets and other shape wear soon. So please be patient with me. Unfortunately despite only working part time sometimes the schedule I keep and my lack of experience with this keeps me from posting picts as much as I want. That should be fixed soon though.

Outdoor garden pict is a bit of inspiration from seeing  The Pale and Pallor Princess do her thing in her garden and also cause my camera seems to do better with the whole garden/outdoor pict thing than with indoor shots as you can see from this pict I took of a butterfly before I shot the picts of the new clothing items.

Common Buckeye
Junonia coenia


  1. That yellow jacket is really cute.
    yay for outdoor shots! If I could, I'd do all my pictures outside. (I usually work till 9 pm though, so most often have to do them indoors)
    The picture of the butterfly is so cool.

  2. I had to pick between a slightly off white, a orangy color that was a nice color but it was kinda a dull darker orange and the yellow. I whent with the yellow cause it would pop against the other colors in my wardrobe -pink, purple, red, teal, and hopefully soon a navy blue outfit since I been obessesed with the color ever since my work got a blue bra in that had white poka dots. My problem with getting picts done is I work in the evening in retail and my boyfriend works in an office so when I have time (morning to middle of the day) he is at work (till around the time I head out to work).

    Thanks again for the comments.

    Oh, and the butterfly was awsome :D I always get excited when we have some in our yard. Usually though we get monarchs so it was nice having a diffrent kind this time. I have all kinds of butterfly and catapillar picts on my computer from when my boyfriend John first set up some of our butterfly plants. We need to get more plants though. The catapillars chew though them fast.

  3. lol, at least you have pretty butterflies eating your plants, we just have dammed squirrels.

  4. LoL the squirrels try to eat out our bird feeder all the time and often times do when our back are turned. Dang over sized rodents! But the good thing is between their raids and some of the birds being messy/picky we got sunflowers growing under the bird feeders. Plus if your lucky someone will feed them raw peanuts (the people in the house behind ours) and you will end up with peanut plants if the squirrels forget to pick them back out or pick them out to late from their hiding spots in the garden (we ended up with at lease 2 peanut plants this way).


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