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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Undergarments- "Bodyshapers and Corsets" The better sucker inner! (Part One)

LOL! Ok, so my title isn't the most clever but it works and fits my weird personalities sense of sillyness.

Now, as you lady's know a body shaper or corset can do wonders for the figure. Now theirs always been debate about what a corset can do to your body. I will never tell you to go to the extremes that some of the corset addicts in the world go through. Some things are best left to someone else in the world to figure out the hard way. Nope, what we are going to talk about is reasonable expectations in shape wear and corsets. We aren't talking about breaking ribs or causing spinal injury... that would be bad, very bad. I'm not even talking about using it as an appetite suppressant because while I've been told some people have I don't honestly think its the smartest way to diet. Nope, what I'm talking about is using your under or even over pinning to shape your body anywhere from just a slight pull in that firms you up a bit to a almost magic appearance of a waist line. One thing you have to remember about shappers and corsets is that no matter what you use its still you underneath it all so what ultimately will decide what ends up working for you will be what your happy with comfort wise and shape wise. Remember, they help but they aren't miracle workers.

Me in a Frederick's of Hollywood Dream Corset (color I have is actually limited color) and Wet Seal Zebra Halter Dress.

Corsets- Modern day corsets can vary. Some are more expensive than others. What determines price is often a mix of what the corset is made of (metal boneing vs plastic), style (lingerie, undergarment type, fashion), and quality (hand made or not, cheep materials or not). Now as for size in corsets? Well it depends on where you get it, how tight you want it to lace up, and what your using the corset as. Now most of the time when I get a corset I assume if it goes by bra band size that I should get  a 40. Why? Because I fit between a size 40 and 42 in band (honestly I'm more of a 42 but I like things snug) and while I could go down a size for corsets to try to make my waist smaller my cup size is an F or DDD,  40 in a corset usually still has room in the back for cinching in (open space between one side and the other in the back) while a 42 might close to much on me (like all the way and leave little to no room to cinch in in case I lost weight) and a 44 would be to big (fit like a comfortable or lose top). So whats my advice to you lady's? If your say a size D or lower in bust try going down from your bra size (if it goes by bra band size) if your larger than a D aka DD or up then try your actual bra size. Heck, some places don't even go by bra size. Many places that offer steal bone corsets or hand made corsets go by measurements, so yes lady's... you need to know those evil numbers (bust, waist, hip, and torso size). If numbers scare you then have a friend measure you and write it down, put the paper in an envelope and have the consultant use those numbers or if its online have your friend figure out what size you are by whatever chart or advice is offered by the retailer. But remember this when looking for a corset. Corsets are like bras, sometimes it takes an expert helping you and trying on a couple of different sizes to figure out what you need especially since corsets come in many different styles and are made for many different needs in mind. Many places that pride themselves on proper fit will offer a fitting for corsets or if they are online stores will actually advise you on the proper size to order. Always ask questions and consult someone who understands the product. The more educated you are about the product and the more open minded you are to accepting help the better a fit you will have.

Top corset picks

Dark Garden- I want the Pointed Victorian with straps. First of all cause Dark Garden custom makes the corsets so size isn't an issue. And also I love the old fashion styles available and that they also do corsets for men (historically men styles also exist and have been used before and apparently are still used by history buffs and steam punk guys). Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to order from them though so I can't guarantee quality or service despite my love of the styles I have seen although I can say that I have seen their facebook page & their on site gallery and the photos provided by the various people who do  have their corsets reassure me that they are as awesome as I think they are.

Frederick's Of Hollywood- To be honest I just love their stuff. They have affordable non steal boned corsets that hold very well and wear very well despite their affordability. So I would say all their corsets. But out of them all the Dream Corsets (animal print also) is my favorite because of the fit (it actually acts as a real corset should unlike some fashion styles) and also who doesn't like all the color options available in a basic like the dream corset?

But last of all I have to say that I love Hips & Curves for their curve friendly outlook, their beautiful products, and their curvy models.Their  Valentina Steel Boned Underbust (basically a glorified waist cincher) is on my top list of must haves.

Why don't I show you how to lace your corset? Because, while I know how to properly do it I actually wear my corsets only occasionally and usually I use the more affordable (and comfortable) non metal boned corsets. I would never assume to show you how to do something involving a product I don't personally own at the moment despite me acknowledging and encouraging the practice of buying said product if one educates oneself enough to buy the right fit.

I'm tired rite now and this is a lot to cover so this discussion will be continued later in part two of  "Bodyshapers and Corsets" The better sucker inner!


  1. Forgot to add... as a plus size gal the zebra stripe dress just barely fit. Mostly probably cause my bra cup size (try to fit any triangle over a F cup and you will understand what I meen) I actually did order a size bigger to combat sizing issues (I ordered a 3XL cause of my chest instead of the 2XL that usually fits or the 1XL I sometimes fit in depending on style)but I sometimes forget some stores would be cosidered Jr sizing and that means their version of what would be a certain size isn't what I think a certain size should be. So if your a size 20 and are fuller up on top then you might want to get a 3XL like me. And wear a bra (or in my case in this pict a corset) with it. You don't want to rely on the supper thin straps of the dress.


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