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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Guest Blog Post: Candi- How to Build A Scent Wardrobe, And How to Apply It

 Today I have a treat for you,  guest blogger Candi (a friend of mine) to talk with you about sent.

How to Build A Scent Wardrobe, And How to Apply It by Candi

Scent is an overlooked part of a women’s wardrobe. Most women stick to a favorite scent, with little thought to what the time of year can do to maximize their scent “wardrobe”.

For example:
Around Halloween-time a couple of years back I was trying out a new pumpkin pie scented lotion. I wore it while out with my husband and son, and I had no less than 3 men follow us in two different stores loudly sniffing after us and asking if it was me who smelled so good, I had two wives give me dirty looks and pull their husbands in the other direction (I wasn't wearing any makeup except for mascara and lip-gloss, and I was just dressed in a baggy sweater and jeans), three women walked up and compliment me on my "body spray" and ask me what I was wearing, a male cashier in the middle of ringing us up stopped what he was doing just to tell me that I smelled just like his grandma's pumpkin pie, and my husband when we got home repeatedly dropped what he was doing and walked up and smelled me no less than 6 times - all in one day.

It was a lotion that Bath and Body Works had for only that year. The next year they came out with a pumpkin scent again, but they made it too concentrated, added too much cinnamon and not enough clove and pumpkin to the mix and it just ended up not smelling right. But I'm certain that you can easily find a hand blended lotion or perfume on Etsy ( ) that probably works just as good or better.

Since then I've experimented around my husband and I can safely say:

-May, June, July and August: chocolate chip and banana, also blackberry and plum, cotton candy with some lemonade scent too but use sparingly as it can become overpowering or dated quickly.

-October and November: pumpkin pie scent.

-December through early January: gingerbread and other cookie scents.

-January and February: apple pie or blueberry pie.

-March and April: Cherry blossom with a hint of orange blossom, or apple.

-Rainy days: Honeysuckle or Orchid, both add a hint of a rainy day scent. People who want to be adventurous can also wear a tobacco and musk scent.


-Save the baked good scents for just fall, winter time, and early spring for the best effect.

-An exception in your scent wardrobe is a signature scent. If you have a favorite scent for special occasions, by all means, go ahead and use it, just don’t use any one scent ALL the time, or it becomes dated and those around you will eventually not be able to register the scent anymore.

-Florals are nice, but be careful. They tend to "age" a person.

!!!!! Warning !!!!!

1: You want to stay away from most ocean scents, especially when it’s hot out. They can mix with your sweat, and you’ll just end up smelling like a mix between low tide and a salt lick. However, go ahead in June and July if you are going to be in the shade, but don’t wear to the beach because your scent will blend in so much nobody will register it.

2: DO NOT GO OVERBOARD! You can layer scents, if you use one scent as a lotion, one in a scented shampoo or body wash, one as a body spray, but be sure the scents complement each other. Don’t spray a cloud of EVERYTHING on you, and don’t spray body spray or perfume on yourself more than 2 times a day, unless you shower or go swimming and you need to reapply.

3. Know how to apply scents right! Body spray is just supposed to hint to a scent, not fill a room when you walk in. Spray it all over, but spray lightly. Perfume, otherwise known as Eau de Toilet, is very concentrated, and usually has a base that contains animal musk. Only apply it very lightly over wherever you can feel your pulse for the best effect (inside of wrists and ankles, under the jaw line, over the heart). I can’t stress how important going LIGHTLY with perfumes is, because if you go heavy with them, the scent falls apart, and you end up smelling like something between a garbage dump and a skunk.


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