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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My newish hair...

Yeah, I got a new hairstyle. Had it for little while now but didnt bother with picts till today.

So for today, hair pict spam!

Yes I DO have a curly mohawk! 
And I love it cause its just the rite mix of funky, fun, edgy, romantic (look at those curls!), girly and not so girly. Something that fits pefectly with my sometimes clashing/opposing personality traites.
Its also a lot better in the heat of FL than the other styles that I use to have. This way I can keep the length without the heat and fuss of the amount of hair. Plus if I part it slightly off center it just looks like a regular bobbed hair cut.

Am thinking of dying it to have a reddish highlight for fall/winter.


  1. you look beautiful!

    <3 Anika

  2. loving the hair! found your blog on the petition!



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