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Monday, October 11, 2010

*Screams In Girly Delight* ....

I'm loving Monif C's new items.

I'm seriously thinking I need to like sell my left arm so I can get me some of that cause those dresses would so look hot on! And they would soooo go with my style!

What do I love most you ask? Hard decision. To be honest if I won the lotto the first thing I would probably do (besides pay off my old bills) would be to buy one of everything on that site LOL!

Anyways, my thoughts on the new stuff?

"Alexandra" Draped Goddess Dress in Gold Shimmer is awesome, I would soo wear it and be sexy/hot.
I like the "Serena" Sequin Kimono Sleeve Dress dress but I have a couple items in similar styles in the past so it would be one of those if I manage to get what I want and have money left over kinda buys if I got that.
And oh my GAUD! LOVE, absolutely LOVE  the "Olivia" Embossed Velvet Dress - Red  and "Nikita" Leather Dress w/ Jersey Back Panel - Black . Although the leather "Nikita" dress is far above my budget and would hardly get worn since I live in FL.... Dang this FL heat! *pouts* another outfit lost to me because I would die of heat exhaustion wearing it.
Anyways I hope you all have a better chance at getting some of this hotness than I do cause theirs some serious sexiness to these dresses.

Will post more later. Know I been a bit lazy bout it but, I get that way sometimes... specially when life gets in the way for a while. Got some new things to show off anyways so picts will be coming up.

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