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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just a thought....

 I really need to win the lotto. I did a search and I cant find any plus size lingerie stores or swimsuit stores in Orlando (Imagine, I would make a fortune by opening something like that in this area with the rite advertising)  other than the usual suspects (Lane Bryant and torrid). And I really don't care for Lane Bryant's swim suites. They do great in most everything and I wish I could afford to buy from them more often but I have a strong dislike for their swimsuits. Plus after having worked at a lingerie store I can honestly say I'm getting picky bout my bras and lingerie. I have a certain style I prefer and its not Lane Bryant for my lingerie and bras. Sorry. Use to love them, still love their clothing and am obsessed with their strapless (I soooo want one) but I'm seriously disenchanted with many of the main stream plus size clothing stores lingerie and bra selection. I would buy from where I use to work because they do go up to some larger sizes like F (aka DDD) cup but unfortunately I seem to have grown a cup size again *pouts*. I was kinda between sizes anyways so this is not really a surprise but at the same time its like "Come on, give me a break! Aren't they heavy enough? Aren't they hard enough to outfit with proper bras? Why do you do this to me?". And I know I have my list with a couple places that have larger cup sizes than DDD but still... its kinda annoying having to limit myself to online shopping ONLY. Going to places like Torrid are already a treat for me since I have to drive further into the city and make a day of it. And theirs only a couple main stream places around me (plus probably some of the larger stores that carry plus although I  have tryed some of their larger bras and non fit me well) So yeah.... I'm kinda in a disenchanted mood when it comes to certain things rite now. Doesn't help that I'm out of a job now.

Why am I talking about swimsuits when its winter you ask? I'm in FL... and its hot. Plus I like to be prepared and I went several years down here sans swimsuit so yeah.... its kinda about time. Plus I missed the Victoria's Secret runway show (I usually watch for the hot girls and the glitter, I fully admit it... I would be just as happy watching glitter and plus size hot girls so don't jump me people LOL) and I realized I wasn't missing much since I cant fit in the stuff anyways (plus some of that stuff looked exactly like a revamp of my ex employers fall and winter colors and styles... not trying to accuse, just saying theirs some pieces that without all the extra stuff on it looks kinda like another company's style).

As for why I haven't been actually posting much... well at first I was busy with work and didn't have many opportunity's to dress up and take my pict. Now I'm in the middle of job searching and most of the searching has been online in the hopes of being hired by a company with a big enough store that they hire full time associates. Cause full time would be awesome.... This kitten needs cash instead of cat nip LOL.

Anyways much love to you all. Hope your not offended by my criticizing of whats available at certain stores. Like I said, i have nothing against them or their clothing... I just want something a little more in line with my style close to home... something like a plus size Frederick's of Hollywood or something.

I'm tired so spell check is going to happen later. Sorry for the mess that is my spelling/typos (comes back next day... I probably should have done this yesterday when I posted LOL)

Hope you all are having a good Winter Season and all the holidays that come with it :D

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  1. Hey, it was great to hear from you. Loving the design of your blog, your new 'do looks great too. Hope the job hunt's going well, I know it's tough out there right now.


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