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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's Soooo Hard to Decide!

 Ack! Need Help! Swimsuits drive me crazy!

Ok, one of the things I'm thinking of getting when I have cash is a swimsuit. I keep wanting to get one but I keep not getting one cause I can't find a cheep option I like in my size that fits me well. I just have a hard time spending a lot of money on a swim suit even though I know a well made more costly one will last me longer, fit better, and will be constructed better. It's hard to commit to spending that money on something like a swim suit when you have a list a mile long of what you want or need for you home or to pay off old bills (yeah, I'm in debt... have to pay off my old school loans so I can get back to school, but that I have a plan for... I just have to get a full time job).

If I lived up north it wouldn't be much of an issue not having a swim suit. I barely touched water when I was in Mo (not counting bathing and cleaning lol!) so after a while having a cheep swimsuit that didn't fit didn't matter. But here in Fl its different. My boyfriends parents have a swimming pool and when we (my boyfriend, his sons, and I) go their they (the boys) want to swim. So being around or in a pool has become a more common occurrence. Plus while I don't live down the street from a beach I do live in FL... any way you drive eventually you hit a beach and I found that while going alone the last time I went to be very "quiet" and a bit lonely I also found it to be soothing and relaxing to be out of the house, watching people, and just feeling the whole beach atmosphere. So yeah... having a swimsuit that doesn't make my normally outwardly bold personality shrink into a huddled up not so little ball of shame would be awesome.

Anyways, here I am bouncing back and forth over getting a swim suit. I have been here in Fl for several years now and its past time. But what to get? I managed to narrow down to 2 or 3 choices last summer and some of them are still available... but now Monif C Has some new ones that grabbed my attention.

I soooo need help! I can't decide! To be honest I think numbers 1,2, and 6 would expose enough to be sexy but would cover enough to still flatter and be decent in public, so far they are my favorites. Number 3 I feel is a great choice just by experience from working with lingerie... the line of fabric down the center makes you look taller and slimmer even though it exposes your sides so despite what some girls might think (some automatically think "I cant do that, I will look fat") its actually a flattering style. Number 4 is great with the rushing and the ruffle plus I love the color purple but it just isn't as striking as numbers 1,2, & 6. As for number 7? I love butterflys and I always did say just cause I'm chubby doesn't mean I cant wear a 2 piece but it and number 5 are well... not as "WOW" as the others. 

More and more I'm leaning between my Monif C picks (number 1 & 2) even though they cost more. I feel like they would look good on my body type and I'm kinda in love with them already LOL.

So What should I pick? All of them are styles that fit my likes and personality (bold colors that are mostly pink or purple. Fun print like zebra or tigerstripe. And have a bit of old style done for modern times). Some of the ones I like are affordable but well, not as striking. Others are more expensive but they have the Wow! factor and are probably constructed better and will probably last longer (after all I been told that $ = quality when it comes to swim suits, much like most things).

1)   "Capri" Two Piece High-Waisted Plus Size Bikini by MonifC -

2) "Monaco" Ruched Plus Size Swimsuit Fuchsia by MonifC- 

 3)  Hot Pink/White Polka Dot Monokini by Ro Designs -

5) Twist Front Bandeau in Rose @ Always For Me -

6) Retro Style Two Piece Swimsuit in Pink @ Pin Up Girl Clothing - 

 7) Joe Browns Bikini  @ Simply Be

Also wanted to say that I'm thinking of getting this dress in coral while I'm at it. And while I know I have a dress that is a similar style already in another color I really like how it looks and this one has a different top (the one I have is teal and has a halter top it also has a tear in the ties for the hem, my own fault... the one I own is cheep and its longer, I accidentally ripped it when I tried to scoot around on a couch and it got caught under me, I still need to fix it.)

Strapless Dress @ Simply Be

I'm of coarse not sure if its going to happen. I have to see how much i get back on my taxes since being jobless has left me flat broke. Would help if I find a job soon to, then I could get everything I want plus stuff I need for the house (I want a steam vac mop for the house so bad!) and with a regular job I could do payments on my school and possibly go back to school within a couple years.

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