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Friday, April 29, 2011

Hat dreams...

 (me years ago at a Victorian style store in the small town I whent to high school at I was a regular window shopper their and also bought a few chokers and things. I always planned on buying one of their ladys hats. I should probably save up to get one and also get a top hat while I'm at it next time I go. Another thing for me to think about getting when I have a job).

I have an obsession with hats. I admit it. So when the royal wedding was going on did I pay any attention to the romance and occasion? Nope, royals don't impress me much sad to say... what I payed attention to was the HATS! I love hats and many people say "Oh, I can pull it off" but the truth is its not that you cant pull off a hat, its that you haven't found the rite kind of hat. Now some people impressed me when I watched the royal wedding, some didn't. Mostly the ones who didn't it wasn't for lack of trying, it was more that they didn't realize the hat they choose was wrong for them or their outfit. The ones that did impress me I was in aw over. Just the art of the hat and the ability to pair such an artwork with the rite dress and to realize that You OWNED the hat and that it didn't overwhelm you... now that took thought and work.

 Now your probably thinking "oh, here comes picts from the wedding... everyone is talking about the wedding... boring" 

Nope, not me. 

As cute as a couple they are and as much as I love her dress choice (perfect for her and will make for a good trend that will save a lot of brides from picking overblown dresses in the next season cause after seeing her they will be all for the more elegant look) I really don't feel the need to rehash things that are going to be allllll over the place. Nope, I'm one of those people who think that famous people really don't need me drooling all over their business... their people after all... not god. I may want to see what they wear for special occasions but I don't really want to know every detail.

Nope, what I would like to show you is some of my favorite hats that I want to have one day (when I have the money to spend on my hat collection). I know that by the time I have cash they will probably be gone but I love the styles so much I have them saved as favorites so even if their sold out I can find the people who make them and maybe buy a different style from them.

Pillbox cocktail Hat in Bubble Gum Pink

Couture Black Wings Headpiece

Purple Cocktail hat

Feather Headdress in Cream White Silver GOld

Cotton Candy Kisses.. Feather Mohawk Headdress in Pink


The Moxie - Customizable - Leather Heart with Arrow - Fascinator

  Now your probably wondering... "Would you wear this everyday?" Probably not, I don't even wear my fedora hats everyday. But I probably wear them with the right outfit when I just want to feel special or if its a special day. I want the Moxie Heart with Arrow for wearing for valentines day although I would probably wear it any day I felt like wearing red since its smaller and would be easyer to use as everyday. The others would be mostly for special occasions and for my collection, I one day want to have a shelf that's just for my hat collection.


Sooo what do you think? Can you pull off a hat or Facinator? Do you have a favorite hat or hat designer? I would love to here your reply!

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