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Friday, April 29, 2011

Recent Try On at JCPennys

Not much, tryed on stuff but didn't buy. Lack of cash from no job. I do like whats out their rite now. Annyways, this is a recent try on of spring plus size dresses at JCPennys. Photo quality not the best, hard to get focus correct when your doing it one handed to try to show off the dress LOL! And yeah, this is me with little to no make up and my hair straitened but not really messed with. I find its best to go simple when I know I'm going to be trying on stuff cause your just going to make a mess of yourself and the clothing if your all made up. I didn't even make an effort to edit the picts (like adjust the lighting) so this is with bad fitting room lighting and all.

also some old fitting room picts from  Macys and another store from probably about December (you can tell the diffrence in my hair length even in the picts LOL!). I wish I had remembered to post them, oh well.

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