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Thursday, May 12, 2011

*Crys* It's a sad day! (Ok, I'm being over dramatic... I know.)

Its official... 

my favorite pair of jeans is dead *sniff sniff*. 


You where the most awesome jeans I had... dark enough to do either dressy or casual, fit perfectly in the rear n thigh and hung nicely from the knee down, and without any weird fading or funky sparkles that really shouldn't be worn by a grown woman and just cheep enough to be affordable. Now that you left me my favorite jeans what will I wear for a casual but nice day out? What will I wear for date night when I'm not up to wearing a short skirt but still want to be sexy? What will I wear with my white dress shirt when I go to pick up applications in my dress casual style? What will I wear when I go to a zoo or amusement park? Or just hang out with friends and want to look nice? Losing the perfect jean is like losing a hand made jewelry peace. You know its one of a kind and is going to be imposable and/or improbable to replace. Unfortunately a pair of jeans is a basic in your life (wardrobe wise, especially here in the US). So what to do now? *sigh* spend hours and hours in the fitting rooms trying on jeans, that's what is going to happen now. I have a limited amount of jeans and having a pair that was so nice die on me is a fatal blow to my wardrobe. Oh, I faced the fact that I needed more shorts/Capri and maybe a more casual skirt to wear but thought I could wait it out since I don't have money and I had a nice pair of jeans I figured I might roll up and use as Capri or that I will just wear as is and die of heat in but look good while wearing LOL! Now that its dead though I'm left with two pairs of good shorts (one short shorts best for the beach, around the house, and for extremely casual wear. Another longer but a bit baggy and boxy to be truthful) and two pairs of long jeans (both of witch are missing buttons like crazy and look more worn out than the jeans that I declared dead). So yeah... Kinda in need of at lease one more jean short or something so I don't wear out the 2 I have this summer *sigh*.

I guess the search for the perfect jean for me must start again *sigh*.

Picts of my old jeans that died (not the best outfit picts but they where the only ones I took with my fav jeans, I guess I was always to busy to take picts of them when I really dressed them up).


  1. I am thinking of making an ruffled apron with the scraps of my jeans since I don't want to waist the fabric and I need an apron. It's hard to find an apron that covers enough when you have some extra padding so I figure making one might be easier so I can have it the way I want it.

  2. I love that idea! I love aprons lol. I love to cook so that should be no surprise. I think that's a great way to use your jeans.


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