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Friday, August 12, 2011

Just wanted to let you know.

Just wanted to let you know, since I don't want to jinx myself about next weekend (the 20th) this and the picts of myself in my outfit while I'm in line that I will post as a OOTD will be the last you hear about me trying out for The Biggest Loser. If I don't make it then eventually... eventually but not now, I will start posting on a separate blog about what I'm doing to try to get healthy since some plus size blogger readers might not like to mix weight loss with their plus size fashion reading.

Rite now I just need to focus on the effort itself and then once I get in the rhythm of things then I might post about it and see how you all think I'm doing.

Currently my efforts have been to kick the soda habit (witch is going well thank you) and to start doing healthy replacements to my every day food (witch has been expensive but hopefully will pay off in the long run). I'm hoping to get some exercise in. Been mosty playing my dance wii games when I find it for rent in the red box. But will ramp things up once I get a hang of this food thing.

Please pray &/or send best wishes this weekend to my friend who is trying out in St. Louis. She also needs it and would be fab on the show.


  1. best of luck! maybe I should follow your lead!? developing healthier habits and weight loss doesn't happen over night, nor does it conflict with looking your best at your current size. sending you positive vibes. I'll be trying out for Biggest Loser in L.A. in a couple of weeks! :) xo

  2. Cool! Good luck to you to!

    And yeah, definitely try to start eating better and stuff. It may be harder and take longer on your own but it shows to yourself that you are serious about doing it.

    With my issues I realized this was my last straw.

    I still cheat now and then. Yesterday I had regular pizza instead of trying to find something that had a whole/multi grain crust and low cal stuff, I even did meat lovers instead of trying to have as much veddgy with lean meat as I can. But I didn't drink soda, in fact I didn't even drink flavored water that day... it was all ice water yesterday. And my snacks where a hand full of popcorn, a banana, low sugar jelly on whole wheat low cal toast, and desert flavored no sugar gum. And my breakfast was special K cereal.

    Today I hope to do better. I'm thinking of doing rice (small serving since I have white rice to go through instead of the healthier stuff) with lots of vegetables for dinner. I might grill some chicken breast to go with it as the "meat" for the meal. Lunch is probably going to be a burger and since I haven't had the lean meat for our burgers replaced yet I will just cook out as much of the grease as possible on the grill (so the fat drains off instead of absorbing back in) and only use one burger pattie. My cheese is a low fat version and the buns are whole wheat low carb and cal. I will probably pile on the peppers on it to make it even more tasty and filling. My breakfast is special K (its the only cereal I found even close to the guidelines they listed on their food shopping list for cereal). Snacks today probably fruit (apple, grapes, or banana) and possibly popcorn if I get the munchies for something salty.

    Sometime this week I'm going to try to make a apple sauce version of cookies since the apple sauce I have is like good healthy stuff and the apple sauce can replace the majority of the unhealthy sugar/fat in some cookies. So say... chocolate chip cookies would be cut down in number by a 3rd I think (if my calculations are rite).. allowing me to nibble on one or two as a snack while I bake some for my pregger friends who live in other states as a care package (cause they like my baking).

    I'm also going to look into what my healthy calorie intake is suppost to be and start a food journal soon so I can actually have written conformation of what the heck I'm doing is correct. But for now the food changes and soda quitting is enough for my poor brain to handle LOL!

    And I have to buy a scale. My mental issues with scales is done, I have conquered most of my self esteem issues in the past and now I need to concentrate on fixing the issue that is trying to destory my self esteem now (my spotting all the time) so looking at numbers are not going to destroy me (remembers over dramatic crying for a whole day over my weight my senior year of high school) yeah... not that person anymore. So having an at home scale is coming back in. I'm not that insecure child anymore.

    I also hope that if I don't get picked for the show that I at lease get a job soon. I would love to have money to buy a bike and also money to join the local dace/exersize studio.

  3. I went a little sugar free gum crazy this week. Bought like 3 packs of Extra dessert delights...

    Key lime pie
    Strawberry short cake
    Mint Chocolate chip


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