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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Big Weight Issue.

Now, I have already posted about my own issues with weight in my articals "The Health of a Curvy Kitten..." and "Somethings gotta give, somethings gotta change" and if you don't know about my health issues I strongly suggest you read them so you understand what I'm talking about when I discus my health in this. Here is the issue. We have the Body Acceptance movement and the "I need to loose weight for health" people and then theirs the middle ground... women who love themselves as are but need to focus on health and even possibly weight for health because of the recommendations of their doctors (Me) I know this is a difficult issue to talk about. Mostly because its like the civil war, theirs the North talking about the evils of the south and the south boys talking bout how the North is trying to destroy their home while ignoring the point the North is trying to make. Soooooo, Lets try to hash this all out.

2 articals you should read to know what brought about this topic for me "Jess Weiner’s Weight Struggle: “Loving My Body Almost Killed Me”" and "On Jess Weiner And Why Accepting Your Body WON’T Kill You"

First of all true body acceptance dose not mean you ignore your body flaws, it means that you accept your flaws as part of you and as a part of life. It also doesn't mean you ignore flaws that may be life threatening either. Body acceptance means looking in the mirror and being able to accept that you are a beautiful person no mater your flaws or sometimes (like with wrinkles from age/laughter) because of them. And with accepting yourself this way it gives you a possessive viewpoint in witch to live your life and try to attain goals like being healthy for YOUR sake instead of because our culture or our media says "this is how you have to be, please stay within your box". To hell with the box!

So is Jess Weiner wrong? in some ways, but even she admits her focus was sometimes to much on the non important thing in question. So do I think the artical is bad or that her opinion was messed up? NO! Why you might ask? Because their are people who will take apart people who are in the "Fat Acceptance" community because they lost weight for health. Example? the plus size model debate and peoples reactions when a model looses weight and says its because their leading an active life... all the sudden everyone and their distant cousin is saying "but your hot as you where" and "but now your skinny and don't represent real women like me" (like all the sudden your not real if you weigh under a sudden amount? what happened to trying to accept people? Do we really want to be bitches and hate on our skinny sisters just because their skinny? isn't that just as bad as people disrespecting you cause your fat?) or "I think you lost weight cause you want to be main stream not because you want to be healthy". Those are reactions I read over and over again. So... Yeah, sometimes its just a matter of not having used the correct wording or because in Jess Weiner's case she happened to focus on the wrong thing (her weight loss number instead of the fact the doctor was saying shes healthy now) and even admitted to it. But some people like in my case, have been told to loose weight for health. Heck, I even have to admit that I had a doctor tell me before that fateful appointment that I needed to loose half my body weight to get healthy because I was at risk for diebeties if I kept inching up the scale. Are the doctors wrong? I think in some cases the way they say it or the fact that it becomes their pat answer for what is wrong with someone who is obese is wrong but the fact the person might have to focus on a healthier diet, lifestyle, and possibly...possibly even weight? Nope. Their doctors, they have years of education and experience behind them and their are health issues that are either caused by being overweight or can be compounded by being over weight. I who don't even have a degree am not going to say their stupid for doing their job. Some people do have to have a goal number in order to achieve anything. After all, look at me... I avoided scales, avoided doctors until it became necessary, and did whatever I felt was correct and ended up with a body that's waging war on me. Now I need change and in order to do it and get it done I'm going to have to focus on numbers both on the scale and on my food labels. Am I all the sudden a self hatting person who is a traitor to the "fat acceptance" community? No, I don't think so. I do not view women fatter than me as the end all be all of evil, I do not think of them as unhealthy even though my weight for MY body is unhealthy, I do not see fat women as ugly either. I think in the end what I am going to be, what my goal is, Is to be a healthy happy me and support my fellow women no matter how fat or how skinny. Because we are all sisters of the heart and all deserve happiness and acceptance.

So Please, No Hating. What kills is not in the accepting or not accepting. Its in how we treat each other and in how we treat ourselves.

So am I going to walk up to someone fat and say "Your unhealthy! Loose weight you fat slob!"... Nope.

Am I going to talk about weight loss to other people like me who admit to needing it and want to loose weight for health? YES!

Am I a bad person because of it?... NO!

Sometimes things aren't as clear cut as people make out. Yes the two sides seem to be complete opposites but their opposite sides of the coin and somewhere between is were you find people like me. People struggling to find the way and in the end find that loving yourself sometimes means working to improve something about yourself while saying "I am a beautiful sexy me!" despite/because of having to improve my flaws!

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