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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just bad taste!

Was looking round a store the other day and saw what I thought was a sexy plus size woman card... Instead I find when I open it an insult!

Its a sad day... when peoples pre conceived notions about size and cellulite can create something like this. I see a woman much like myself in this card... all outward curve and a booty that may look big but is placed nice and high (no sagging here!). Oh I understand the concept of the card. Ive even laughed at some that had drawings of old lady's with their boobs at their knees but the way I see it theirs a difference between laughing at an exaggeration of life that everyone knows is mostly false with only a grain of truth to it (example drawing of old lady with boobs to her knees, hair in rollers, and stray hair all over) and just being insulting (example same concept cept instead of exaggerated drawing actual pict of realistic old woman with a comment about aging).

So as a reminder people... be kind to others. Yes even us chubby girls gotta be nice to the skinny girls, after all how many skinny girls get made fun of for not being womanly enough? See... exact same destructiveness gets handed out to the other side of the size spectrum.

So treat people like you want to be treated and learn the difference between being silly in your social comments and whats insulting.

Why? Because anyone can be the butt of a joke gone wrong.

For those of  you who might not be able to make out the words on the card it says "As if Halloween wasn't scary enough!"

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