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Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween and whatever.

I really don't have much to say. Got a new part time job. Not nearly enough hours to really pay for anything but at lease its a job. Still on the look out for a full time job in the hopes that I can pay bills and buy some new clothing (my old stuff is getting very worn, one of the reasons I haven't posted picts lately). I did dress up for halloween but since it was a week day my boyfriend had work so their went the good photo op lighting. Instead I took my own pict in front of the mirror with my cell phone. Corse this meens it was only a chest up shot with sucky lighting and a boring background but... you get the idea.

Anyways the outfit is my black halter dream corset from Frederick's Of Hollywood with my mesh/lace Chemises over it (also from Frederick's Of Hollywood, have had it for a while but since its skin clingy and short on me its wears mostly like a tank top so I rarely wear it since most of my tank tops are to thick to look good under it), a black multi buckle belt from Torrid (also bought years ago), and my dark wash jean skirt I bought at sears on clearance sale (you probably remember seeing it since its my latest obsession in my wardrobe). The necklace/collar is from Spencers and my industrial is from Hot Topic. Basically since I had the hair for it and with the rite mix of clothing/accessory/lingerie I had the style for it I was a punk rocker for Halloween. I also wore my knee length lace up (in the back) platform boots with it. Didn't have any fish net stockings so went without.

I've found lately that I'm obsessed with shopping at H&M, I still have a wish list a mile long at Frederick's Of Hollywood, and that thanks to my friend mentioning them and me looking online to see what they look like I have developed an obsession with Bordello Teeze Shoes... seriously their are purple sparkly ones I HAVE to have.

What dose this mean? it means I'm still my whacked out mix of modern contemporary/trendy clothing, alternative clothing, and sexy pinup/lingerie clothing.

My wardrobe like me doesn't know what year to dress or if I'm normal or not LOL!

It also means that I'm seriously down about my lack of money. With my efforts to get healthy and the state of my wardrobe I have quickly realized theirs far to many "needs" that need to be covered and far to many "wants" that will never be reached... much like my life *sigh*. The holidays coming up aren't helping. I keep having dreams of giving people the perfect gift even though I can't afford anything. Like the other night I dreamed that I bought my boyfriend a gift card for a deep tissue massage and then took him on vacation to someplace with lots of snow (since he likes the cold and we live in FL), this of coarse will not happen since I cant afford it but... it was such a nice dream *sigh*.

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