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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Old Navy fitting room 1/24/2012

Tryed on some stuff just to see what size I am since my health improvement is leading to weight loss. I'm still between a XL & 2X depending on style on top but I'm now at my old size of 18 jeans again (at lease at old navy). I would say yay for pants that fit but I couldnt buy for lack of job or $. *sigh* thats life... Ever poor... Thats me.

Trying on the trouser jeans did confirm what I previously thought... trouser jeans are even more flattering on me than my usual style. Only issue is length like usual (I'm barely to tall for petite and petite rarely fits right in the hip/waist area but jeans in regular size usually have to LONG a leg. I'm going to have to invest in tailoring or roll the suckers).

I even tryed on a sports bra just to check for fit. I like it a lot so once I do have cash I might go back for it since a sports bra is needed for all the physical activity I want to incorperate in my life. I think it was an xl but it seemed to fit my 40f chest well.

Sorry for the sideways picts... all from my cell phone and I don't think theirs a way to fix it other than photo editing outside of blogger.

I really liked the striped skirt but it dosn't photo as flattering as I would have hoped... I think its to long for me to do in a stripe like that. If it was shorter...

Loved LOVED the navy and white T. Looked cute but still comfy.

The other tops where ok but would do better with me wearing a different bra. I think the one I'm wearing today has seen its final day... the shaping just isn't what it use to be.

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