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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

4/11/2012 H&M and Frederick's Of Hollywood Fitting Room

Please excuse the messy hair, basically tonight Im going to dye my hair so I haven't done anything to it except brush it out... so it got messier when I was trying on clothing... the following is from H&M except for the last pict witch is the Crochet Lace Deep V Romper (that to be honest I think is more suitable as a swimsuit if you wear something solid under) from Frederick's Of Hollywood... one of the few times you get a pict of lingerie from me where its not layered with something else. The natural waistline of the piece is unfortunate (hitting mid tummy) but I still think it would work as a swim suit or if you put jeans on over it it could be a halter top. 

As for the first pict... shinny but the fit is off (to tight at the waist).

Second, actually flattering but in order for it to look good on bigger girls its best not to use the pre assigned loops for the belt... in fact I suggest not using the provided belt but using a thicker actual real belt in brown would be nice. Its good as both a top or a dress.

Third pict... not as flowy on a plus size gal but still looks good... not overly impressed despite it looking good.

Crochet Lace Deep V Romper From Frederick's Of Hollywood  

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