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Saturday, December 29, 2012



Chill by tigeresskitten69 I actually wore outfits similar to these recently. The one on the left was a outfit for Christmas. The other one I don't have the socks for so I did black tights but basically same concept. Might post pictures later... for some reason my cable to plug my cell phone into the computer no longer works on our computer so I have to find some other way of transferring the photos (not directly posting to blogger from phone cause the picts will upload wrong way up the way I was holding the cell phone at the time). Again the outfits are a mix of plus and regular size. Mostly cause I was to lazy to try to find the plus size version, regular size can easily be substituted by other items in same color so long as the cut/style is the same (like the skater skirt, I have a lace a line skirt that's similar in shape so it can easily substitute in this outfit).

Sparkly blazer

Paprika skater skirt
$29 -

French laundry

Old Navy slim bootcut jeans

Free People tall socks

Winter white shoes

Bootie boots


Trilby hat
$9.68 -

H M leopard print scarve
$13 -

Me On 12/25/2012

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