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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Old Navy Fitting Room 1/6/2013

                                        How my hairstyle started the day (I braid my hair when I'm bored).

My outfit for the day.

 Ok, sooooo... fitting room!
This fitting room experience is a great example of how mixing basics with one another or with a unique item can make a whole outfit! Its full of layering!

first try on- well styled a bit better and this could have been a win, fit is good but it left me with an over all blah feeling... no love here (even though purple is my fav color).

Love! The difference adding one item can make!

By this time I had the fitting room attendant taking my pict. She loved it to! We where joking about how I needed to show my boyfriend the pict so he can buy it for me. Not going to happen by the way, poor guy supports me enough. But hopefully if I get a job before this stuff is no longer available I will be able to buy it myself.
Is this me? Kinda unsure about dress because of high pocket placement...
Ah! What the hell! I look good! Anyone want to buy this for me? LOL! Meanwhile the fitting room associate is like "I need you as my shopping friend!"

 Ok, And now... what I tried on!

Women's Patterned-Sequin Tops (Purple Stripe)
Women's Poplin-Stretch Dress Shirts (be careful of fit, being busty its hard to fit buttons up on me... it barely fit! Also for me the arms are a bit snug on this one although usually I have no problems with the arms of their shirts). Their was a sleeveless white button up as well but I don't see it online.
Women's Flared Ponte-Knit Dresses- I tryed on the XXL, fit perfectly. I could have easily fit in a XL as well for a snugger fit but I preferred the slightly looser size cause it will make layering things under easier. Their was a sleeveless dress (the navy color one) as well that I tried on but I don't see it online.
Women's Printed Chambray Shirts (Stars Blue)- Love! honestly I wasn't even concerned about buttoning although like usual the button ups barely fit my chest... I would wear this layered with stuff under it so its no big deal. Arms fit perfect.

Women's Pin-Dot Chambray Dresses- Not usually into dots, plus the pocket placement was worrying to me since it looked like I would have fabric sticking out on weird spots... but once I actually wore it and took a pict in it I fell in love! Corse the waistline on someone busty and plus size like me is actually more under the chest than at the waste but its attractive that way.

What I loved at first sight!

Women's Gauze Heart-Print Scarves

What I bought...

Women's Chunky Sweater-Knit Caps, The one I bought was actually white (as you can see, I'm wearing it in most of the picts) but I also want to get this color.

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