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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Well, to be honest I'm not sure I should be making any. All my promises to myself are such long term goals or are really hard to keep so making it a resolution might just lead to the usual failure. But I do believe having goals in life is a worthy thing! So... how bout instead of a resolution for this year its just a resolution for the years to come?

1) Improve my life style though healthy living. This is a goal that needs to be a daily thing! I need to eat better, eat food with enjoyment (enjoy the flavor of food) but without actually emotional eating (eating because of my emotions), do physical activitys I enjoy (like dancing, or more sex LOL!), and explore the limits of my physical abilitys.

2) Participate in life more! Go out! Travel! Do more of the things I like (hobbies and such, including improving this blog, making my jewelry, and taking photos)!

3) Visit friends who I haven't seen in a long time, because my friends are like family!

4) Attain a future though job/career.

5) Finish education.

6) Help others!

7) Dream bigger and better! After all how can you gain goals if you don't have a dream to begin with?

8) Have my home reflect my heart (a home is a resting place for your heart so why not decorate it with soothing and/or reflecting the heart in mind?).

9) Become more reliable! (this is linked to number 4, 5, and 8... basically I need to buckle down and get things done!)

10) Feel love and fulfillment in my heart for myself... after all loving yourself is a must!

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