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Monday, June 20, 2011

Art, Crafts... How bout something I just do when Im bored?...

I started using some of my crafting things to make jewelry in the hopes of selling some. I already have a potential customer (a friend) for one of the items. I'm both excited and scared. Im mostly doing it to...

1) have a creative outlet, it calms me when I get grumpy.
2) have money, my boyfriends bday is comming up and I have no money to get him a gift. Already spent several gift giving situations just making a nice meal or something along those lines... Im really getting frustrated with only having that to offer.
3) Im tired of not having a job let alone the career I so dreamed of. So this may not be all of my dream but hey, at lease its part of it darn it!
4) all this (1-3) makes me feel like a frustrated housewife and I'm not even married LOL! Seriously though, I've been cleaning house and posting online applications constantly and I to be honest am getting frustrated with feeling like the only thing I do that matters besides my job search (cleaning house and cooking) isn't appreciated (a "thank you" or "nice meal" without prompting would be nice) and isn't lasting (you know, you clean and then everyone else leaves their stuff around, kids old enough to know better and who you know their momma would never let them get away with at home but do at dads don't through their stuff away and grown people don't keep up with your organization system and next thing you know you have a sick or blah day and everything you cleaned ends up 3 times as dirty as it was when you first cleaned it leaving you redoing the same project over and over even though you have a dozen other things to get done in the house and everyone assumes that since its a mess again and cause your griping that your a lazy crabby a** when in reality you just are sick of it and want to sit in a corner and sob your heart out cause you did all that cleaning and cooking not cause you like it but because you CARE enough about the people you live with to do it despite your dislike of being pinned down to a "domestic" type out of lack of options instead of the career woman who happens to do domestic type stuff sometimes out of love that you dreamed of being. Sorry for the rant).


I started out a Deviant Art account. I'm not sure where I'm going to post my items for sale Etsy seems like the most reasonable choice although since I have this blog it might be possible to post here? Not sure. Plus I don't even have a couple cents in my account to post anything anywhere where it cost money. I'm going to have to ask my boyfriend for a couple bucks just to get some more boxes to package my product in *rolls eyes* I hate being flat broke! Anyways to insure proper coverage I will probably post in multiple spots (Facebook, here, twitter, and my closet) most likely just linking to the sale page so I don't clutter everything up and spam you all with the same pict on a dozen sites LOL!

As usual when it comes to my crafts... to quote myself-

"I have ongoing craft projects that need doing that take items people don't want anymore and reuses them so anyone who wants to donate unwanted craft items I need please contact me (check out contact page on my fashion blog for now).

Donate? What I mean when I say donate is basically you give to me what you don't want anymore (but don't want to through away) so I can recycle/upcycle it into something new. I don't have cash to pay someone for their unwanted items. If I wanted to pay for something I would be getting new craft items, not recycling things people don't want. Some things are negotiable for trade and I will state so in the list.

Desired Objects for donate/trade for my craft projects

Metal Bottle Caps & Soda Pop Tabs- Drink beer a lot? How bout juice bottles with metal caps? Soda? I need metal caps and soda tabs for making bottle cap/tab items like earnings and other jewelry items. Am willing to negotiate trade for a finished product if enough bottle caps/tabs are given.

Mens Ties- Have old ties that are just sitting their cause you hate them? Someone gift you with a hideous tie? Or did you have an ex that you kicked to the curb and your left with nothing but a drawer of his old ties and socks? I need ties for crafts such as a tie skirt, tie fabric strap for a item of clothing or accessory, maybe even using the fabric to make hair accessory. Willing to negotiate trade if necessary although would rather just take them off your hands if their unwanted.

Junk Jewelry- Do you have a piece of jewelry that's fake that you don't care about anymore? need more room in your jewelry box? I will take it off your hands and refit it as a new piece. I can't be buying things off of people so this is more a give away to me and feel good in knowing its going to be recycled into a piece someone will use especially since junk jewelry is somewhat of a mixed surprise bag and some will probably not be useable... it happens. Items that have chain links, interesting broaches or pendants, or beads are preferred."

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