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Friday, June 24, 2011

Outfit Of The Day... Finally LOL!

Ok, for once got a pict of an outfit for you all... sorry its a boring pict, its raining outside and I had a headache anyways. Plus my boyfriend doesn't get home till later in the day witch is why I don't usually bother with the outfit of the day type post... eventually I will get a full length mirror or a camera that has a remote control and a tripod stand so I can do it myself (witch means more outfit post). If your wondering about the difference in skin tone... mix of lighting and editing... since its raining out and I'm in a hallway with no windows I had to edit it up a bit. In the second pict its edited namely cause I was bored. Plus I have one of those skin tones that's just like that... lighter or darker depending on if I get sun or not and what outfit I'm wearing. 

What I Am Wearing- Sparkling Chiffon & Lace Babydoll  is from FOH, White top I have had a while but I suspect its from Dots, Tan tube bra probably from Dots, Beverly Drive Denim Skirt from Sears (on sale or clearance depending if online or in store), Shoes I think where from Kmart (route 66 is the brand)... I think they where on clearance (my specific ones are sold out but they do have similar styles still as far as I know), It's Hard Being Green Frog Set by me (is for sell... was just testing out how it fit/lay on an actual person if you want to buy contact me).

Full outfit... pict taken rite before this post.

This Morning before the rain came. 

Its Hard Being Green Frog Set

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