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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The IFB Project #4/Outfits Of The Weekend-> 7/8/2011-7/10/2011

Ok, while the backgrounds themselves aren't inspired (yeah, was bugging my boyfriend since morning on most days for the picts an as you can see only managed to get one done outside before dark and that one was taken today) the ideas for the outfits where. I was on IFB for once (I don't always check it out as much as I should) and read up on their IFB Project #4. I thought it was a neat idea. I did want to do some of my fancier outfits like my high school homecoming silver flapper girl dress but I felt those picts would have to come with the old pict (witch I don't have) to make you understand the inspiration for the outfit. So Instead I chose some outfits that I felt could be explained in words better.

These boots where made for walking...
When I was a child a teen age cousin from out of country came to visit around the time my brother was born. She had a pair of black ankle cowboy boots with silver tip toe that I fell in love with. When she left and forgot the boots behind I being the spoiled opportunistic brat I was grabbed up the boots for myself claiming they fit me and that giving them to me would be easier than shipping them to her (*rolls eyes*, yeah... even then I was shoe obsessed). Never mind that I was about 9yrs old and had no business wearing grown peoples clothing. I wore those boots till High school when they finally fell apart poor things. Ever since I have had a thing for boots and a special love for ankle boots. I wore boots so much that my band teacher (I was in color guard) use to whistle "these boots where made for walking" whenever I passed by in the hall whenever I wore my high heal boots (he had a thing for giving people their own theam song, my friend Rhonda got to listen to him whistle "help me Rhonda" when she walked by).

My first hat was a pink bucket...
 My first hat was a pink bucket, apparently when I was little (a toddler) my grandparents (wont say their last name on here but grandma and grandpa "A") had a pink bucket I use to play with. I guess I thought it made for a cute hat cause I to wear it on my head as I toddled around (theirs a pict someplace of me wearing it, wish I still had it... totally cute). To this day I still have a thing for hats and silly me, seems like half my hat collection is pink even though my favorite color is purple LOL I guess we don't change that much as we age.

I use to hide in layers of black...
 I admit, I use to hide in black. My high school years did a number on my self confidence and I would use black or baggy clothing to hide. I soon realized that hiding wasn't possible (putting a black blanket on an pink elephant doesn't make the elephant invisible LOL) and started trying to improve my wardrobe with color or if I wore black it was more fitted. I still have half a wardrobe of black, mostly because I work (when I have a job that is) in retail but I genuinely try to keep the black wearing to a minimum when I'm not working. So this is in honer of black, and what it can be when your not afraid of the elephant in the room.

I have many a story like this, I could have done a red dress suit for instance or my silver flapper dress (inspired by singing in the rain) or I could have done a 70s fro in remembrance of homecoming week in high school where we did 70s day and only 3-4 of us in my class actually did a variation of the fro... tons of story's/ideas form my past for outfits but the lesson in this all is, some things where just meant to be... I may not ever reach my goals in life but I was always meant to dream them. My life history/memory are as tangled with my wardrobe choices like the way some people would remember granny so and so from the smell of apple pie. I may not always remember where I bought this or that but I can usually remember what made me fall in love with it. So yes, fashion is my obsession. It is my memory, its in my dreams, its my constant much like books are my friends. 

Dosnt take the place of Real Life... just enriches Real Life.

Where I got it? 
These boots where made for walking outfit- top from sears, skirt from sears, necklace is revised/created by me and is for sale, black wedge ankle boots I actually don't remember *shocks self*.
My first hat was a pink bucket outfit- Hat I got on clearance at the mall but the store is closed now, pendant on necklace by me and is for sale, white t is actually "stolen" from my boyfriends wardrobe, skirt from sears (I been wearing it and its lighter wash version way to much, so comfy and cute!).
I use to hide in layers of black outfit- The top was a tube bra under a shear baby doll that I have had forever (got at adult store), the belt (that is not showing well in pict cause I didn't double check to see if everything was laying rite for the pict) I got at rainbow its a bit flimsy to be honest i wish I could find something similar with more structure, the shorts are source of wisdom shorts from Torrid, and the boots are from Hot Topic (years ago, got them on sale torrid has similar style boots though).


  1. ahh thanks darling! yeah i need to decide whats best! its just super hard. i love this sheer top! and i use to hide behind layers of clothes too!

  2. ahh that sucks. thats crazy. yeah experience is necessary. i think the degree will deff help me out but the cost is going to be super expensive


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