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Friday, July 15, 2011

OOTD 7/15/2011- Harry Potter Movie Night.

My wonderful boyfriend took me to see the last Harry Potter movie last night (actually this morning). It was the 12:30 showing and we came early to make sure we had a good spot in the line so we wouldn't get sucky seats. I dressed nice, but not up or in costume like some people. I suppose it would have been nice to wear my Harry Potter hat but... the dang thing is a winter hat and I wasn't about to die in the FL heat!
My ticket! I'm keeping the ticket stub to!

Before the movie getting ready, Using my Violet Love Pendant as a broach (the pendant is still for sale).

Harry Potter 3D Glasses, you bet your rear I kept them! Sorry for the sucky pict quality, I did this just now sitting at our computer and our lighting in here sucks!

In the movie theater waiting in line. Bit wrinkled from sitting on floor till they told us we had to stand.
What I wore? The headband is a long necklace/chain from a friend giving away her junk jewelry... its one of the few pieces I didn't revamp and have no intentions of selling, I like wearing it on my head to much. I used my Violet Love Pendant I made as a broach (the pendant is still for sale), The shrug I got at Dots, The tank top from Old Navy (its ribbed so you can go down a size, they stretch out... believe me, mine I got in my usual plus size and it stretched out so much I'm considering getting a smaller size like a XL instead next time so I don't show my bra as much on accident.), and the skirt is the light wash version of my skirt from sears... yeah I bought double they where on sale for cheep and they fit so well I had to get two if you ever go over two years without your usual wardrobe staple cause its not "in" for a while and then you finally find a good one you like you would have bought a 12 pack LOL! and I was sorely tempted but only had cash for 2.

I'm tired and I have to figure out stuff to start out my Etsy, I got the money from my first sale (shipped off the set) and now I got to figure out if its worth putting the money on one of my prepay cards or if I should save up and open a bank account... *sigh*. So short nap for me and then back to the grind!


  1. Ooh am I the first to comment? Good idea to get duplicates of a staple. Just in case it goes out of stock.

  2. Yup, first comment. I know, its crazy when something as simple as a jean skirt becomes the search for the holly grail cause jean skirts in particular where not in the fashion spot light for a while. Its like "come on, basic thing if you dont want to get stuck wearing shorts all the time!"

  3. Wow. You looked great!


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