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Monday, July 18, 2011

Dream Wardrobe List... The things I can never find.

I dream of having...

a high waist tailored cream/gold embroidered short shorts with a bow on the butt and another pair of shorts in the same style but white with navy blue stripes or pinstripes.

a plus size tutu (actually I have found this one on Etsy just need to save up for one), I know the whole tutu craze has been done but I actually have dual purpose for one... To use as a skirt like the former trend or to use as a underskirt because I have a thing for A line or twirly style skirts and they look better nice and full (ones I might possibly get or at lease get similar of - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,)

a few new white dress shirts with short puff sleeves like this and at lease one or two shirts with a neckline like this (have seen regular ones but I'm picky and it don't always come in cuts I like) in plus size (actually a life time supply, they get ruined so easy, and while I should probably avoid white since I'm so accident prone it looks so clean/fresh/professional that I cant avoid it).

a shear lightweight trench coat in plus size... cause I live in Florida and its dang hot and trench coats are really neat LOL!

gold fishnets and/or gold shear shimmer stockings in plus size (I don't know why but it sounds like a fun thing to have, like its leg jewelry)!

a sequin mini skirt (I have found that on Etsy also) but in high waist (that I haven't found) and also pencil skirt length (that I have seen but haven't found one that impressed me much yet).

A short/cap sleeve tailored crop jacket in plus size in cream/gold (possibly embroidered to match the shorts I want?) or various other fun colors.

a maxi tube dress with a sexy super high side leg split (in a variety of solid colors) for plus sizes (non bulky material to, something so basic looks better layered or simple like this, this, this, this, or even this as far as how it looks and what kinda material, in fact I might end up buying the last couple I listed if I cant find similar in a solid color for cheep at a regular store instead of a lingerie store).

And since nothing ever looks the way I want it... I'm probably going to draw out some picts to go with this post later.

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